Oh, Social Media

Hello Folks,

The fall has arrived and several new designs are currently in the prototyping stage of things. The new designs include a lounge chair version of the Hilltop Side Chair and a pair of coffee tables. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do a coffee table with a solid top or one with glass insert in the middle above a shelf which could be used to display things. I've been referring to the latter as the curiosities coffee table while Liz has been calling it the natural history museum. Either way, Instead of deciding which to build I decided to build both! The pieces are coming along nicely and the coffee tables in particular will be completed within a few short weeks.

I also wanted to announce here that I have started an Instagram account! I am typically a pretty reluctant social media user, but I've gotta say I've enjoyed being able to share pictures of different angles on the chairs, work in progress pictures, and a variety of other things that simply don't fit here. This will be the best place to watch my new designs come together. Check it out. My feed is public, so anyone can see what I post, and say hello if you feel inclined! Find me at wessinger_woodworks.