A quick status update and introduction

Hello Folks,

Through one means or another you have arrived at my furniture business in its infancy. Congratulations, in a few years and with a little luck you just might be able to say to someone that you were there when it all began!

At the moment though, there are a few final details I am completing before my first pieces go up for sale, but if you look around the site you will see that some of the initial designs that have been created. Many more designs have been sketched and are ready to prototype. A first small run of the Hilltop Side Chairs is nearing completion. As soon as the first of those are ready for upholstery and some of the legal niceties have been filed, the commerce section of this website will go live and Wessinger Woodworks will officially be open for business.

In the mean time, here is a picture of one of the chairs of the initial run. Almost every curve on the arms and rails was revised following the prototype, and I think it makes a huge difference. Some of this initial production run will be upholstered in the same blue fabric as the prototype, but I am considering making some in other colors as well. Perhaps one using a patterned Pendleton Woolen Mills fabric? Perhaps another in black leather? Stay tuned to see.