Finished in November of 2017, this represents the newest application of the build techniques originally used for the whales. At nearly 6 feet wide and about 26 inches long it is slightly larger than the whales and involved solving a new set of challenges. It is constructed primarily of Oregon White Oak, with some reclaimed fir. It is lashed together with artificial sinew. Some pieces are also  held in place with small pegs.

Many folks have asked me: "Why a turkey vulture." As a child I grew up in a house up on a hill where throughout the summer I could typically count between 5 and 10 turkey vultures soaring on the thermals. Often their lazy circles would take nearby and sometimes they would land in the trees next to our house. I enjoyed watching them then and continue to enjoy watching these large birds soaring. More recently I also learned that these large birds were a favorite of my grandmother's, which makes building a sculpture of one a little extra special. I know she would have loved it.